Friday, January 9, 2015

#Influenster Frosty VoxBox

Recently I qualified for the new Influenster FrostyVox Box  complimentary for review purposes. Take a peek at what came in the box.

Here is what the box looks like opened up.

First up is
Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Tea. retails for around three dollars for a full box. I've always liked Celestial tea they come in a wide variety of flavors and varieties. Candy Cane lane is just as it sounds peppermint candy cane perfect for the season.

Fruit Vines a soft chewy fruit candy retails for $1.28-1.79 a bag. Comes in two flavors strawberry and cherry as you can see I received cherry. Imagine cherry Twizzlers this is a short chunkier version of Twizzlers. Now i like the red Twizzlers these on the other hand not so much I didn't care for the flavor tho the texture was nice but it left a very not so pleasant taste in my mouth. Maybe I am just picky because my family finished the bag I guess to each their own.

Third in the box
McCormick gourmet Thyme seasoning retails for 4.79 not much to say about this either you love to cook with thyme or you don't I happen to like it and always have some in my kitchen. Warm and aromatic sometimes leaning more minty or with more hints of lemon great on chicken fish in soups or stews mild but full of flavor.

Next up
No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced full size retails for $22.99 in the box tho I only received a sachet of it. To be honest for me not enough to see if I actually want to purchase it and I have yet to use this to form an opinion. It is however supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines in just two weeks. I would have liked a two week sample to be able to try out would have been a better option that this.

Now something for the hair
EcoTools Hair brush retailing for 10.99. This was a disappointment I have long very curly hair and to use a round brush in my hair is asking for an unexpected hair cut so I didn't even try this on my hair. From looking at it it looked cheap and not very well made. The handle was sturdy and had a good grip but uh the bristles the part that is actually supposed to brush your hair to make it tame no matter the hair type or style was not going to happen. The bristles are rough and kind of sharp imbedded on a plastic base. EcoTools I know you can do better. Of this went to a family member with short straight hair hopefully it works for them.

Now the fun part makeup

NYC Expert Last lip color in Sugar Plum retails for $1.99. I've never been a fan of this brands lipsticks because of the smell they carry with them. (I'm very sensitive to fragrance). This one was also not a color I would have chosen but I see where they were going between the name and the Marsala color of the year quality I understand why they put it in the box. Semi pigmented with a heavy frost I dont see many being able to pull it off but if you do rock on with your bad self.

Rimmel Scandal eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal retails for 4.49 instant color impact ultra pigmented and glides on so smooth. Wouldn't recommend for those who wear contacts as the waterproof aspect may cause you some trouble but this was an awesome product to receive I am going to see if there are any other colors available.

and Lastly
Rimmel gentle eye makeup remover retails for 7.49 its supposed to remove all eye makeup including long lasting and waterproof makeup with no oily residue. Lets break the claims down. No oily residue yes I agree- removes all eye makeup umm nope still had to go back with coconut oil to get the rest off and lastly gentle- Big NO this stuff burned and dried out my eyelids and under my eyes so bad I could not test it again. Ill keep this stuff around only to remove the bulk of some swatches I may be doing but it's not going anywhere near my eyes.

All around a wide selection of products to try and test out but if I am honest about the box it is not one of my favorites I have received.  Thank you tho to the brands and Influenter for allowing me to test them out. I'm sure the next one will be better.

See you next time

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Swatch - Beaches and Cream

Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream Swatch and tiny review.
Sinful Colors has quickly become one of my most favorite nail polish brands. Sinful colors carries a vast array of colors and finishes and in most places the cost for one is $1.99 no breaking the bank there. I fins they last a decent amount of time on my nails even without a top coat which is impressive since I am quite rough on my nails.

 I have decided to start swatching all the ones I own and will own just so I can look back and maybe quickly view my fast growing collection. Hopefully if you are reading this maybe something or one of the swatches might help you just please don't ask me what collection it came from Sinful Colors comes out with too many for my mommy brain to remember.

Today's swatch is Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream this one you still might be able to find since it is from a recently released collection I picked mine up last week.
Indirect sunlight

I found it a tad tricky to work with being streaky and or patchy in some places or on some nails. I'm showing you 3 coats on my nails. If you are willing  to deal with this then the color is amazing being very unique to my collection it is a light yellow based cream something I did not think was going to be flattering on my medium skin tone boy was I wrong.The MOST amazing part it has a very subtle pink opal reflect to it.
Boy was this hard to capture but if you look just below the arrow you can see the tiniest hint of what I am talking about. I found sunlight makes this barely visible on the nails but artificial lighting allows it come to life if hit just so. If you can still find this grab it while you can its a gorgeous color and I can see it flying off the shelves.

Till next time
Product purchased by me opinion is my own.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Compliments of Influesnter #Surfs up Vox box

In this post I will show what I received in my newest Vox box compliments of Influesnter. I qualified for the SurfsupVox Box and here are the contents and what I think of them so far.

First up as always is the card that tells you the option of items you could have received and what you have received with price points purpose and other related information.

First thing I saw in the box were coupons
I don't really know how I feel about getting these especially since there are no retailers near me that I can redeem them to try them out but hey if you can use them they are worth a shot free is free after all

Next up was
Hawaiian Tropics silk Hydration after sun lotion. It is a decent size at 3oz and has the fragrance of Coconut and Papaya but truthfully all I smell is the fruitiness of the papaya. It's a nice product if you have been in the sun for a tad too long and is soothing to the skin. The sent for me however is a bit strong at first and not my cup of tea but it does dissipate rather quickly.

Next is
This item I have never hear of before until I received this box it is claimed to be a fast acting liquid pain relief for hangovers muscle aches headaches etc it is an NSAID so caution if you use it with any other medications. I personally am cautious to try this and think the hubby will if his bad knee starts acting up.

Next is

Sinful colors nail polish in Sage Rose. I love Sinful colors at $1.99 each and such a wide rage of colors with new or re released colors coming out all the time you cant possibly get bored with your nails and you don't have to break the bank while doing it. Tho the color I received is not my taste I tend to go for cream finishes it did fall in line with what I expect from sinful colors pigmented and easy to apply.

Lastly in my box was the sorta kinda mystery item in some boxes there was a Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous mascara or Not your Mothers Beach Babe conditioner and shampoo travel size.
I got
The shampoo and conditioner I have yet to try this so I don't have much to say but what I do have to say is that while looking through the box all I could smell was coconuts. At first I thought it was the Hawaiian tropics but nope it was these guys right here they are strongly scented and I can imagine that the scent will linger in your hair ,as it is the drawer they are in right now is saturated with the smell of them. If you do not like coconuts I would stay far and away from these bad boys.

Well there you have it what came in my newest Vox box courtesy of Influesnter

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Influenster Jolly VoxBox

Influenster Jolly VoxBox
     All products pictured and mentioned were provided courtesy of Influenster.

The Jolly VoxBox is the first box I have qualified for and receiving it was pretty exciting to me the little box came to me quickly after qualifying for it and here were the little goodies I recieved and my initial thoughts on them.

Upon opening the box the first thing I see is
and unfortunately my kids see it to. I have heard of Skinny Cow before but honestly never tried it for one it never occurred to me  to buy them and and secondly anytime I see skinny I think low caloric sugar substitute which I am highly allergic to. After reading the ingredients I was surprised no aspartame or anything similar so my kids and I cracked one open. Immediate kids reaction they loved them my reaction I loved them. The chocolate was creamy with the right softness and the peanut butter was a thinner consistency then say a peanut butter cup. I also noticed that the delightful peanut butter centers weren't as sickeningly sweet that you would find with other varieties. It was a perfect balance of sweat and the saltiness you come to expect from regular peanuts. Will definitely buy them again and at 130 calories per 3 pieces its a win.

Next thing that caught my eye was
A purse pack of Puffs plus lotion. Not much to say about tissues its a convenient little package to throw in a bag or back pocket and the tissue itself was soft and non irritating.

Third item in the box

A cute mini roll of everyone's beloved Duct tape good for so many uses and the best part its compact and comes in a variety of different patterns now. Mine came in a paint splatter pattern long gone are the days of regular old silver black or white duct tape.

Fourth in my box of fun

NYC color cosmetics eyeshadow trio in Long Beach Sands. Now keeping my preferences for eyeshadow aside ( I love my colors totally not a neutral shadow girl)  these were nice they were soft and pretty pigmented causing minimal kick up in the products when using a brush and complement each other well  neither of the three are completely matte the bottom leaning more towards a satin finish and the top color has a bit more sparkle to it.  Over all a nice little palette to try.

Finally in my box was

Rimmel Show off liquid lipstick in 101 Celestial. I have experience with these owning more of the in your face colors and this pretty dusty pink was something new to what I have. The formula is highly pigmented and goes on smoothly using caution at the edges of your lips. Long lasting formula that might not last all day but will hang in there with you through the day fading nicely to a light stain. The smell is a little uncommon to me it has a strong cucumber scent to it strange I know but its cucumber which I thought would be an issue for me as I am highly sensitive to lip product fragrances but it wasn't ,the scent fades relatively quickly and goes unnoticed for the rest of the day.

So there you have it all the items that I received in my very first VoxBox Courtesy of Influenster Thank you for reading and thank you Influenster for a wonderful box.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Uses for those pesky sponge tip applicators

If you have ever purchased a make up pallet or even sometimes a single eyeshadow then you know what I am talking about. Those almost always cheap sponge tip applicators that seem to be included in everything from single eyeshadows, drugstore palettes and even some of the more expensive palettes.

You get back from your most recent shopping trip anxiously waiting or in some cases you are in your car lol ripping open the new shadow you just bought and the first thing most people do is toss those suckers in the nearest trash can just knowing you are never going to need them let alone want to use them.  Well people I am here to help stop that. Here are five ways and reasons to never throw those cheap sponge tip applicators away again.

1.Use them how they were meant to be used.

Yes I said it use them to apply eyeshadow. Now this isn't going to work for every sponge tip applicator you come across some of them are just that bad but for the nice ones the soft ones use them. They are fantastic at packing on shadows that might be a bit powdery/chalky/ or just not so pigmented. Just use the normal brush or applicator afterwards to smooth and blend.

2. Clean up mistakes.
We use cotton swabs makeup wipes why not these little guys to just dab them into some makeup remover and get precise removal of all those tiny mistakes and fall out.

3. Make shift smudger brush
Want that pop of color on your lower lash line or smudge liner only to remember you forgot to wash your favorite brush these come handy in a pinch.

4. Nails
Like the look of gradient nails and don't have sponges on hand grab one of these applicators and go at it. I have found these are the perfect size cutting down on nail polish getting everywhere and work beautifully for the job and for those tiny mistakes around the edges just grab another one dip in some nailpolish remover and clean away.

5.Mini spatula
That last little bit of your favorite lipstick or best working concealer and you can get it out? Trusty sponge tip applicator to your rescue again take one and pull of the fabric piece off  its held up by a tiny flat piece of plastic most times and works as a makeshift spatula to help you grab that last bit of product.

Hope these tips and tricks help in some way and maybe save a few maybe not so pesky sponge tip applicators from meeting an early demise in the trash bin. If you have any other ways in which you use these I'd love to hear it in the comments below always looking for more reasons to keep these guys around  :)  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wet n Wild Tough Girl Collection Swatches

Literally just got home after buying these and wanted to share some quick swatches. there are six trios in the collection I believe but I only got five of then. The last one was a silver black and white and I need or want to swatch another one of those like I want bullet in the head. Left side is over bare skin as per usual for me and on the right is over NYX jumbo pencil in Milk .

 Enlisting for Beauty

 Zero Dark Flirty

I Don't Do Camouflage
 Soldiers in Charm

Spoiled Army Brat

and the last that I did not get was Support Our Troops. These are gorgeous and almost equally pigmented over bare skin or a base I cant wait to start playing around with them. Hope these help someone and good luck getting your hands on them I think they are going to fly off the shelves.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Swatches

I know everyone and there momma have heard seen or posted about the new bright trios collection from Wet n Wild  I was finally able to score mine in my area and just figured I would post the quick photos I took of them one can never have too many swatches for comparisons.

The left side is over bare skin and the right side is over NYX jumbo pencil in Milk

Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!

 A Regular at The Factory

 Hard Being The It Girl

 I'm Seeing Triplets                    

  To Muse and Carouse

 Three's A Party

There you have em hope they helped in your search for information and word of caution the medium blues, black and red stain :) Thanks for stopping by.