Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Uses for those pesky sponge tip applicators

If you have ever purchased a make up pallet or even sometimes a single eyeshadow then you know what I am talking about. Those almost always cheap sponge tip applicators that seem to be included in everything from single eyeshadows, drugstore palettes and even some of the more expensive palettes.

You get back from your most recent shopping trip anxiously waiting or in some cases you are in your car lol ripping open the new shadow you just bought and the first thing most people do is toss those suckers in the nearest trash can just knowing you are never going to need them let alone want to use them.  Well people I am here to help stop that. Here are five ways and reasons to never throw those cheap sponge tip applicators away again.

1.Use them how they were meant to be used.

Yes I said it use them to apply eyeshadow. Now this isn't going to work for every sponge tip applicator you come across some of them are just that bad but for the nice ones the soft ones use them. They are fantastic at packing on shadows that might be a bit powdery/chalky/ or just not so pigmented. Just use the normal brush or applicator afterwards to smooth and blend.

2. Clean up mistakes.
We use cotton swabs makeup wipes why not these little guys to just dab them into some makeup remover and get precise removal of all those tiny mistakes and fall out.

3. Make shift smudger brush
Want that pop of color on your lower lash line or smudge liner only to remember you forgot to wash your favorite brush these come handy in a pinch.

4. Nails
Like the look of gradient nails and don't have sponges on hand grab one of these applicators and go at it. I have found these are the perfect size cutting down on nail polish getting everywhere and work beautifully for the job and for those tiny mistakes around the edges just grab another one dip in some nailpolish remover and clean away.

5.Mini spatula
That last little bit of your favorite lipstick or best working concealer and you can get it out? Trusty sponge tip applicator to your rescue again take one and pull of the fabric piece off  its held up by a tiny flat piece of plastic most times and works as a makeshift spatula to help you grab that last bit of product.

Hope these tips and tricks help in some way and maybe save a few maybe not so pesky sponge tip applicators from meeting an early demise in the trash bin. If you have any other ways in which you use these I'd love to hear it in the comments below always looking for more reasons to keep these guys around  :)  

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