Thursday, December 19, 2013

Influenster Jolly VoxBox

Influenster Jolly VoxBox
     All products pictured and mentioned were provided courtesy of Influenster.

The Jolly VoxBox is the first box I have qualified for and receiving it was pretty exciting to me the little box came to me quickly after qualifying for it and here were the little goodies I recieved and my initial thoughts on them.

Upon opening the box the first thing I see is
and unfortunately my kids see it to. I have heard of Skinny Cow before but honestly never tried it for one it never occurred to me  to buy them and and secondly anytime I see skinny I think low caloric sugar substitute which I am highly allergic to. After reading the ingredients I was surprised no aspartame or anything similar so my kids and I cracked one open. Immediate kids reaction they loved them my reaction I loved them. The chocolate was creamy with the right softness and the peanut butter was a thinner consistency then say a peanut butter cup. I also noticed that the delightful peanut butter centers weren't as sickeningly sweet that you would find with other varieties. It was a perfect balance of sweat and the saltiness you come to expect from regular peanuts. Will definitely buy them again and at 130 calories per 3 pieces its a win.

Next thing that caught my eye was
A purse pack of Puffs plus lotion. Not much to say about tissues its a convenient little package to throw in a bag or back pocket and the tissue itself was soft and non irritating.

Third item in the box

A cute mini roll of everyone's beloved Duct tape good for so many uses and the best part its compact and comes in a variety of different patterns now. Mine came in a paint splatter pattern long gone are the days of regular old silver black or white duct tape.

Fourth in my box of fun

NYC color cosmetics eyeshadow trio in Long Beach Sands. Now keeping my preferences for eyeshadow aside ( I love my colors totally not a neutral shadow girl)  these were nice they were soft and pretty pigmented causing minimal kick up in the products when using a brush and complement each other well  neither of the three are completely matte the bottom leaning more towards a satin finish and the top color has a bit more sparkle to it.  Over all a nice little palette to try.

Finally in my box was

Rimmel Show off liquid lipstick in 101 Celestial. I have experience with these owning more of the in your face colors and this pretty dusty pink was something new to what I have. The formula is highly pigmented and goes on smoothly using caution at the edges of your lips. Long lasting formula that might not last all day but will hang in there with you through the day fading nicely to a light stain. The smell is a little uncommon to me it has a strong cucumber scent to it strange I know but its cucumber which I thought would be an issue for me as I am highly sensitive to lip product fragrances but it wasn't ,the scent fades relatively quickly and goes unnoticed for the rest of the day.

So there you have it all the items that I received in my very first VoxBox Courtesy of Influenster Thank you for reading and thank you Influenster for a wonderful box.

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