Friday, July 4, 2014

Compliments of Influesnter #Surfs up Vox box

In this post I will show what I received in my newest Vox box compliments of Influesnter. I qualified for the SurfsupVox Box and here are the contents and what I think of them so far.

First up as always is the card that tells you the option of items you could have received and what you have received with price points purpose and other related information.

First thing I saw in the box were coupons
I don't really know how I feel about getting these especially since there are no retailers near me that I can redeem them to try them out but hey if you can use them they are worth a shot free is free after all

Next up was
Hawaiian Tropics silk Hydration after sun lotion. It is a decent size at 3oz and has the fragrance of Coconut and Papaya but truthfully all I smell is the fruitiness of the papaya. It's a nice product if you have been in the sun for a tad too long and is soothing to the skin. The sent for me however is a bit strong at first and not my cup of tea but it does dissipate rather quickly.

Next is
This item I have never hear of before until I received this box it is claimed to be a fast acting liquid pain relief for hangovers muscle aches headaches etc it is an NSAID so caution if you use it with any other medications. I personally am cautious to try this and think the hubby will if his bad knee starts acting up.

Next is

Sinful colors nail polish in Sage Rose. I love Sinful colors at $1.99 each and such a wide rage of colors with new or re released colors coming out all the time you cant possibly get bored with your nails and you don't have to break the bank while doing it. Tho the color I received is not my taste I tend to go for cream finishes it did fall in line with what I expect from sinful colors pigmented and easy to apply.

Lastly in my box was the sorta kinda mystery item in some boxes there was a Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous mascara or Not your Mothers Beach Babe conditioner and shampoo travel size.
I got
The shampoo and conditioner I have yet to try this so I don't have much to say but what I do have to say is that while looking through the box all I could smell was coconuts. At first I thought it was the Hawaiian tropics but nope it was these guys right here they are strongly scented and I can imagine that the scent will linger in your hair ,as it is the drawer they are in right now is saturated with the smell of them. If you do not like coconuts I would stay far and away from these bad boys.

Well there you have it what came in my newest Vox box courtesy of Influesnter

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