Monday, July 7, 2014

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Swatch - Beaches and Cream

Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream Swatch and tiny review.
Sinful Colors has quickly become one of my most favorite nail polish brands. Sinful colors carries a vast array of colors and finishes and in most places the cost for one is $1.99 no breaking the bank there. I fins they last a decent amount of time on my nails even without a top coat which is impressive since I am quite rough on my nails.

 I have decided to start swatching all the ones I own and will own just so I can look back and maybe quickly view my fast growing collection. Hopefully if you are reading this maybe something or one of the swatches might help you just please don't ask me what collection it came from Sinful Colors comes out with too many for my mommy brain to remember.

Today's swatch is Sinful Colors Beaches and Cream this one you still might be able to find since it is from a recently released collection I picked mine up last week.
Indirect sunlight

I found it a tad tricky to work with being streaky and or patchy in some places or on some nails. I'm showing you 3 coats on my nails. If you are willing  to deal with this then the color is amazing being very unique to my collection it is a light yellow based cream something I did not think was going to be flattering on my medium skin tone boy was I wrong.The MOST amazing part it has a very subtle pink opal reflect to it.
Boy was this hard to capture but if you look just below the arrow you can see the tiniest hint of what I am talking about. I found sunlight makes this barely visible on the nails but artificial lighting allows it come to life if hit just so. If you can still find this grab it while you can its a gorgeous color and I can see it flying off the shelves.

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Product purchased by me opinion is my own.

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