Friday, January 9, 2015

#Influenster Frosty VoxBox

Recently I qualified for the new Influenster FrostyVox Box  complimentary for review purposes. Take a peek at what came in the box.

Here is what the box looks like opened up.

First up is
Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Tea. retails for around three dollars for a full box. I've always liked Celestial tea they come in a wide variety of flavors and varieties. Candy Cane lane is just as it sounds peppermint candy cane perfect for the season.

Fruit Vines a soft chewy fruit candy retails for $1.28-1.79 a bag. Comes in two flavors strawberry and cherry as you can see I received cherry. Imagine cherry Twizzlers this is a short chunkier version of Twizzlers. Now i like the red Twizzlers these on the other hand not so much I didn't care for the flavor tho the texture was nice but it left a very not so pleasant taste in my mouth. Maybe I am just picky because my family finished the bag I guess to each their own.

Third in the box
McCormick gourmet Thyme seasoning retails for 4.79 not much to say about this either you love to cook with thyme or you don't I happen to like it and always have some in my kitchen. Warm and aromatic sometimes leaning more minty or with more hints of lemon great on chicken fish in soups or stews mild but full of flavor.

Next up
No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced full size retails for $22.99 in the box tho I only received a sachet of it. To be honest for me not enough to see if I actually want to purchase it and I have yet to use this to form an opinion. It is however supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines in just two weeks. I would have liked a two week sample to be able to try out would have been a better option that this.

Now something for the hair
EcoTools Hair brush retailing for 10.99. This was a disappointment I have long very curly hair and to use a round brush in my hair is asking for an unexpected hair cut so I didn't even try this on my hair. From looking at it it looked cheap and not very well made. The handle was sturdy and had a good grip but uh the bristles the part that is actually supposed to brush your hair to make it tame no matter the hair type or style was not going to happen. The bristles are rough and kind of sharp imbedded on a plastic base. EcoTools I know you can do better. Of this went to a family member with short straight hair hopefully it works for them.

Now the fun part makeup

NYC Expert Last lip color in Sugar Plum retails for $1.99. I've never been a fan of this brands lipsticks because of the smell they carry with them. (I'm very sensitive to fragrance). This one was also not a color I would have chosen but I see where they were going between the name and the Marsala color of the year quality I understand why they put it in the box. Semi pigmented with a heavy frost I dont see many being able to pull it off but if you do rock on with your bad self.

Rimmel Scandal eyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal retails for 4.49 instant color impact ultra pigmented and glides on so smooth. Wouldn't recommend for those who wear contacts as the waterproof aspect may cause you some trouble but this was an awesome product to receive I am going to see if there are any other colors available.

and Lastly
Rimmel gentle eye makeup remover retails for 7.49 its supposed to remove all eye makeup including long lasting and waterproof makeup with no oily residue. Lets break the claims down. No oily residue yes I agree- removes all eye makeup umm nope still had to go back with coconut oil to get the rest off and lastly gentle- Big NO this stuff burned and dried out my eyelids and under my eyes so bad I could not test it again. Ill keep this stuff around only to remove the bulk of some swatches I may be doing but it's not going anywhere near my eyes.

All around a wide selection of products to try and test out but if I am honest about the box it is not one of my favorites I have received.  Thank you tho to the brands and Influenter for allowing me to test them out. I'm sure the next one will be better.

See you next time

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