Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wet n Wild I Dream of Greenie

Wet n Wild I Dream of Greenie

 I Dream of Greenie trio is the second of the new trios that I own. This palette contains a pale minty green with some shimmer a medium sea foam green with shimmer and an almost chartreuse lime green mix with some glitter.

Now before I begin with my thoughts on this palette I must say I am a sucker for green shadows. When I first started back into makeup I truly did not think I would like green  I quickly learned that that was not the case. I have yet to meet a green I did not like :)

The pale minty green color is beautiful as an inner corner highlight or slightly blended on top of a darker green to lighten it up. I have read that some people are comparing it to MACs jest which I own and I can not agree that they are similar, to me they are two different shades of green. In the photo you cant really see the light green to well.

The sea foam color has a pearly sheen to it almost and is nicely pigmented. I experienced no fall out with this color and frequently use it as an all over lid color

The last color is a bright almost acid green that is comparable to MACs bitter in my eyes just with a different finish and has more pigmentation than the notoriously fickle Bitter. There is some chunky glitter as you can see in the photo but tapping your brush off beforehand makes it more tolerable.

I love this palette and honestly the only complaint is the tiny bit of glitter fall out with the last color but no where near the fall out the gold color had in I'm getting sunburned. I completely recommend this trio.

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