Sunday, December 2, 2012

L'oreal Evercreme Sample Review

A couple months back L'oreal had an available sample on their site Facebook or their main site I can't recall but when I saw it I ordered my free sample packets.

 The sample trio including :

I finally got to break open me samples last week and first impression off the bat I do not like them here's why.

First the shampoo: The consistency was similar to a conditioner which wasn't an issue and the smell was almost of shea butter not to bad. The issue was and it was a pretty big issue for me since I have color treated hair is that it stripped so much of my color out it was unbelievable. I know this because I wash my hair over the tub not while I am showering and as I was rinsing the shampoo out all I could see was my color leaving along side with the shampoo stream after stream of my color rinsing out even after the shampoo was thoroughly rinsed from my hair I was not a happy camper and actually surprised since this is a sulfate free product. ( sulfates tend to be a main contributor to fading dyed hair) so verdict I will never ever use this shampoo again.

Next the Conditioner: Similar texture feel and smell as the shampoo with one slight difference it was more for lack of a better word greasy than the shampoo when working it into my hair. When rinsed my hair did feel a bit softer but unlike the shampoo I found the smell changed once it was rinsed out and it wasn't a pleasant smell at that. By this point all I wanted to do was wash and condition my hair normally and forgo the next and final product.

Third and Final the Deep nourishing mask: Simplest review of the three I opened the pack dispensed the product in my hair and the smell was so overwhelming so eeww to me I couldn't even put it in my hair. I immediately rinsed my hands of the product I was not putting that in my hair sorry L'oreal.

After all of the testing and then sick stomach I let my hair air dry a bit and just knew I had to rewash my hair it did not feel clean or properly moisturized it just smelled and felt greasy. I could not recommend these  but I also cannot tell anyone not to try it for every person is different along with their hair just save your receipt. I personally would not try this again let alone buy the full size products unless it was changed or improved.

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