Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture Conditioner Review

Hi Hi I have been wanting to write this review for a while now. A few months ago I found an amazing conditioner  when picking up things to dye my hair with the Ion color defense intense moisture conditioner which I am in love with it because of what it does to my hair. So here we go with the review :)

My Hair:
My hair is very long bum length curly dry and oh so prone to damage. Recently I made it more complicated by bleaching and dying the ends of my hair blue with I love by the way.

The product:
The Ion intense moisture conditioner comes in a variety of sizes from little trial packets that cost between 2- 3 dollars up to  a 30.8 oz size that cost between 16-20 dollars. It has a very thick consistency and smells of cherry almonds( the smell instantly reminded me of the Jergens cherry almond body lotion I use to get as a teenager) its a very pleasant scent. A little goes a long way a sample packet lasted me two sessions and that's saying a lot keeping in mind how long my hair is.

What its supposed to do: Taken from the sally beauty supply website

  • Moisturizes and conditions the hair
  • Leaves hair smooth and silky
  • 100% Vegan, Paraben Free
  • Helps maintain color

Ion Color Defense Intense Moisture provides deep daily moisturizing to protect and maintain all types of color-treated hair. Leaves hair vibrant, shiny, smooth and manageable.

Does it do what it says? My overall impression of the product:
In short yes for me it definitely does what it says. As I said earlier I bought the little sample packet on a whim when I was at the beauty store picking up bleach and dye. I wanted something that would be for color treated hair and deliver a punch of moisture since I was stripping parts of my hair of everything. I saw it sitting on the counter and said what the heck ill give it a go along with a couple other deep treatment packets as to not completely kill my ends. After bleaching/ coloring and then using this product I was amazed none of my color rinsed out with the conditioner and my hair felt instantly hydrated soft and was very shiny the ends did not feel damaged at all and for days afterwards. I used it again a couple days later thinking it was a one time love but to my amazement it did the same thing to my hair and I knew I had to get a larger bottle of it and so I did.
The only thing I caution is if you have very oily hair don't use it near your scalp if at all. I can see this product not working for you and adding the the grease ball effect if that is your hair type however do not fret Ion makes several lines of shampoos conditioners and hair treatments for you to look into. From products for blondes, swimmers, normal, dry or curly hair and more designed to fit your hair needs. I look forward to trying more of their line to see if I can find another new hair love. Let me know if you have tried it or their line and what you think.

Thanks for reading

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