Monday, September 19, 2011

Satin Taupe by MAC is it all its cracked up to be?

Satin Taupe

If you have ever been on youtube in the beauty community or know anything regarding MAC I am almost sure you have heard about Satin Taupe or been recommended it by many artists or gurus. If you haven't then your one of few lol so let me tell you quickly about it.

Satin Taupe is one of the many neutral colors MAC has to offer and its also one of the cult favorites. Satin Taupe is described as a taupe with silver shimmer and has a frost finish retailing for $11.50 in pan/refill form and $15.00 in the pot.

Being a frost it actually has the pigmentation and smoothness of a veluxe pearl and doesn't look like one would think when they hear the word frost. When I first discovered MAC and all the colors they offered I was on youtube blogs and forums trying to decide which colors I wanted to get and I can easily say at least 80% of those sites said Satin Taupe was a must have. It was said that is was a beautiful color pigmented and would suit any and all skin tones. Now I usually raise my eyebrow when I hear the words any and all because how could one color be so inclusive? However I put it on my list of colors to look at when I headed to MAC and decided to swatch it for myself.

Many trips later to MAC I decided to take a look at it and upon swatching it I really did love the look of it and so far what people were saying so far was true it was smooth pigmented and really pretty so I picked it up. It wasn't until I first tried to use it that my feelings for this holly grail eyeshadow of so many began to change. A couple days later I tried to use Satin Taupe and quickly found that yes it was a beautiful color but was NOT a color that suited any and all skin tones because on me it simply looked like mud. I have very warm skin and wear an NC42 in studio fix I also have very dark very bad hereditary dark circles. The color was not flattering on me and emphasized my dark circle to the point where I went straight  to the bathroom and took my makeup off.

I have owned Satin Taupe for almost a 8 months and can say it is not one of my reached for colors one because I usually wear bright colors and two on the rare occasions I wear neutral I know this is not the color for me. Since owning the color I have tried to pair it with everything I own trying to find a way to wear it and have only come up with two pairings that are tolerable. Pairing it with orange seems to work well enough that I will use it in the crease and blending out a darker purple color with it sometimes is okay. Honestly I don't use it often so it sits in my palette.

Moral of the story always be wary when you hear the words any or all. Satin Taupe is a color that I can find would suit a lot of skin tones and peoples tastes however I don't think it suits everyone. Its one of those colors that look differently on the eye than swatched on the hand and a color that you are simply going to have to try for yourself to see if its a color that suits you and your needs.

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