Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kat von D palette vs Wet n Wild comfort zone

Lord knows not everyone can afford mid end range cosmetics let alone higher end so here is a comparison between two palettes I own. Kat von D palette in Ludwig and Wet n Wild palette in Comfort Zone. Both contain similar colors and under tones allowing looks to be somewhat recreated with either ones even with their differences. Kat von D "Ludwig" retails for 34 US dollars and the Wet n Wild one retails for around 4.99 depending on location and store.

Here are both palettes closed 

 Here they are opened

as you can see the colors are the same or so close to one another that you have to look very closely to see the variance in colors. Comfort Zone does have less highlighter shades than Ludwig and contains a duochrome shade ( bottom right) similar to MACs club that flashes brown green and blue depending on the light and angle it is seen in. Not a bad comparison especially if you were only looking for maybe one of the shades in Ludwig that is in Comfort Zone.
KvD on top WnW Comfort zone bottom
For giggles I drew lines to the shades that are exact or pretty darn close lol. I hope this helps anyone who might have been eying either of these :)

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